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I am a filmmaker from New York City, living in Los Angeles. 

I created the Plastic House as a home for my filmmaking, design, and performance work.

I grew up performing on stage and began directing while in Northwestern University's Theatre program. The first show I directed was HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, which featured live-mixed video collage and interactive elements. I then directed a production of the play White Girl Wasted by Max Friedlich in an upstairs bedroom of the ZBT frat house, followed by the US Premiere of Les Chambres by Mathieu Beurton, which I adapted into my first short film, Rooms

My favorite films are Rosemary's Baby, Apocalypse Now, Phantom Thread, FantasiaAlice in Wonderland, and Spirited Away.

I'm currently in pre-production on my next short, Youscream!, about a marketing team full of clowns trying to drum up business for their ice cream company during a zombie apocalypse.


On set for Rooms in Evanston, IL.  

Phoebe Moore  (left)  & Anjali Nath  (right)

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